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Alert Sound

Is there a way to increase the volume of the check-in sound (the chime)?  My hearing is not what it used to be.  I find I miss several of the check-in notifications because of competing sounds in my environment.  Any suggestions?




Sorry that you've been missing out on the check-ins. We can provide some suggestions here. Please let us know if they help!


If you're using an Apple/iOS device:

As a first step, please make sure that your alert volume is turned up all the way. You can do this by looking at the "Sounds and Haptics" option in the Settings app. There is an option there called "Ringtone and Alert Volume". You can adjust this manually or turn on the "Change with Buttons" option so that it will change when you press the volume buttons on the side of your device.

In regard to sounds, Apple doesn't offer a lot of customization options, but you can adjust how Mind Window notifications are presented. To do so, open your Settings app, find the "Notifications" item, then find the "Mind Window" item and press there. On this screen you can, for example, make the notifications stay on the screen instead of vanishing after a short while.

Another thing you could try is to enable Siri to announce notifications. This can be done in the Notifications screen. A downside is that this affects all your notifications and there's no way to use it only for Mind Window.


If you're using a Google/Android device:

Many of these steps may vary depending on what brand of device you're using and what version of Android you're running. If the volume seems too low, however, make sure to set both the "Ring & Notification" AND "Alarm" volumes to their maximum.

Android does offer options for notification sound customization. Perhaps changing the sound that Mind Window uses for notifications will help it be more apparent? To change the notification sound, you can navigate to your Settings app and find the Notifications section. There, you can find the Mind Window option and select it. In the following screen, you should be able to turn on vibrate for Mind Window notifications and also change the sound that they make.

Lastly, you can also have Google Assistant announce your notifications. This app may not be on your device by default and you may have to download it from the Play store.