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I often am not near by iPad to get notified to check-in. When I am, however, I immediately go to the app, but it always says that there is no check-in available. What’s happening?

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  The most common reason for that issue is how people navigate to Mind Window. When you receive a notification, make sure to click on the notification itself as opposed to clicking on the Mind Window app icon or accessing Mind Window from the screen of open apps. If a notification is no longer available on your screen, you can usually see past notifications in the lock screen of your phone or by swiping down from the top.
  Can you let us know if this resolves your issue?

I'm using an Samsung and am having a similar problem.  The phone dings, there's a notice on the screen, I swipe and go to the app. Nothing shows up.  I don't think my phone will let me "click" on the notification before swiping.

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If you are in the lock screen of your Android device, you may have to click on the message twice in order to have the notification navigate you properly to Mind Window. Please let us know how this works for you!