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I am very unhappy with the Mind Window app.

I am a 74 year old retired person in the midst of a pandemic. I spend most of my time watching TV while playing solitaire on my computer. I am either alone or with my husband. Filling out all of your silly prompts on whether my thoughts are about 2 days ago or 2 weeks ago is really repetitious. I am not planning to answer any more prompts. I have deleted my app, but I wanted to let you know that you need to redesign your input screens. You might give us the option on which screens we want to include in our response. Or you might give us the option to use the same response as before. If I am watching TV, my attention is most likely on others rather than on myself, so filling in all your sliders again and again is really tedious.


Thanks for your feedback. Mind Window is an app that gets at what's called experience sampling. By asking questions about thoughts and feelings gain and again, we can get an idea of the range of these feelings. If I were to ask someone how they were feeling, and they replied 'bad', should I assume that they always feel bad? Unfortunately, I can never know unless I ask them the question at different points in time. For that reason, apps like Mind Window are a bit repetitive, but it's necessary for more accurate data.

We understand that this sort of study will not fit with everyone, but we appreciate your willingness to try it out and for your participation!