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Only getting notifications and able to check in on Macbook

Hi there,

I set up the app using my Macbook because that's what I had at the time. I now have it on both my Mac and iPhone, and am logged in on both with the same account, but I only get notifications on my Macbook, and am only able to check in on my Macbook. Even though I can see the data on my phone I can't add to it. I have notifications all set to active for my phone.

Any help much appreciated.


Hi Lynton,

Thanks for reaching out with the issue you're having. As you've noticed, after setting up your account on one device, Mind Window does allow logging-in with a different one. In regard to your situation, however, it might be that the Apple OS is managing notifications so that they're only present on a single device (like they do with the Apple Watch). Can you try logging out of Mind Window on your MacBook to see if that changes things? To do so, use the "Logout" item in Mind Window's Account tab. Even after doing this, you'll remain logged-in on your iPhone so there's no other steps needed. Being logged-in to one device at a time is the advised approach anyway as, otherwise, you will be receiving too many notifications throughout the day (unless, perhaps, if Mac OS is managing them as mentioned above?).

It will take up to a few hours for the next notification to be sent but, if this doesn't seem to work, feel free to send us your Mind Window ID and we can look at the account setup to see if there's anything there that seems odd. You can email that to

Normally, we advise participants to use their mobile device for Mind Window as it's more likely to be with them throughout their day-to-day life. That being said, it's not really a problem to use your MacBook if you have consistent access to it. Please let us know how the above suggestions work for you and we appreciate your participation in this research!