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Problem on Samsung

My phone dings and has a notice on the screen.  When I swipe and to the app there is nothing there.

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The most common reason for that issue is how people navigate to Mind Window. When you receive a notification, make sure to click on the notification itself as opposed to clicking on the Mind Window app icon or accessing Mind Window from the screen of open apps.

If a notification is no longer available on your screen, you can usually see past notifications in the lock screen of your phone or by swiping down from the top. If you click on the notification within 10 minutes of it firing, you should find that the check-in is available.

Accessing check-ins by directly navigating to the app are being added in and will be available in our next update.

Can you let us know if this resolves your issue?

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I have a similar issue on my Samsung S9. I immediately go to the notification, it opens the app and then goes to the home screen. This happens about 80% of the time. If I hit the check-in button it says that check-in is not available at this time. This has been happening over the past two weeks. Originally it worked properly. Please put a feedback button on the phone app!!

Hi Ian,

Some of the issue may be related to overly restrictive power saving settings. Samsung devices and Android 10 are fairly notorious for this. One way that this problem can be reduced is to change the power save settings. The following site has some pretty good instructions on how to manage them.

Mind Window version 1.3, that should be available in the next few days, adds in the actual check-in time as well as the notification time. This will make it more clear when a notification 'really' fired versus when your phone alerted you to it (often due to those power-saving features). When you're able, please let us know how the new release works for you.

We appreciate your feedback and all your help with this project!