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Stopping the Mind Windows app

I have faithfully replied to as many notifications as possible for 21 days.  It has become a tedious & monotonous task. I have continued on for so many days because I kept thinking I would receive some type of feedback by now.  Even on the “statistics” tab of the app it mentions it “will be available when allowed by the active study”.  Any idea when that will be?   Also, there is no link in the actual app for support or questions or contact.  This would be very beneficial, as I had to search thru Google results to get here.


Thank you for your efforts toward this project. We know that gathering information over time can feel redundant. Nonetheless, it's the best way to see how things change over time. It might be that you're living a very stable and consistent life!

To discontinue participation, you can simply log out of Mind Window from its Account tab or uninstall Mind Window from your device. If you ever want to resume participation, you can just log back in or reinstall the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

We've sent you an email to address the issue of statistics not showing up. It may be that a setting was accidentally enabled on your device.